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Transforming De Online Drogist

Updated: 3 days ago

A strategic rebranding and campaign with NOA Collective.

Discover how our 'NOA IMPACT framework' guided De Online Drogist through a successful rebranding process, leading to their first out-of-home campaign. In 2023 De Online Drogist celebrated its 15th anniversary. In these 15 years, they have grown to become the biggest online drugstore within The Netherlands. Our main objective was, how to prepare De Online Drogist for the next 15 years. Through our Brand Business Plan we set the foundation for this transformation.

At NOA Collective, we pride ourselves on creating impactful brand strategies. Our collaboration with De Online Drogist is a testament to this, showcasing the power of our carefully crafted Brand Business Plan. Here’s how we did it.

Identity Analysis

The first step in our framework is Identity Analysis. We dived into the existing identity of the De Online Drogist. We looked at their mission, vision, values and visual identity, to determine the starting point from which we would start the rebrand. By gaining an understanding of the situation at hand, we managed to pinpoint the chances around the brand and organization of De Online Drogist. These insights would form the basis of our brand strategy, and the following steps of our Brand Business Plan.

Market Analysis

Next, we conducted a thorough Market Analysis. The landscape of the pharmaceutical market is dynamic, with constant shifts and emerging trends. We performed extensive research to understand these changes and identify opportunities for De Online Drogist. By analyzing competitors and pinpointing potential challenges, we strategically positioned De Online Drogist to not only adapt but lead in their industry.

We also analyzed customer reviews and user experiences, and recognized a fundamental USP that was not getting the attention it deserved. This strategic foresight was crucial in our goal to double the awareness of De Online Drogist, and strengthen their market position.

Audience Love

With a clear understanding of the target audience’s behaviors, needs, and preferences, we then focused on Audience Love. This is where the creative magic happens—developing the brand’s visual and verbal identity to attract and retain customers. 

Once, the mission of De Online Drogist was special. Having good products delivered to your house in time. Nowadays, this is the norm. So we decided it was time for the mission to be redefined according to modern, not easily to copy, values. De Online Drogist’s new mission—"We are here for everyone who wants to feel healthier and more vital"—reflects a broader and more inclusive approach, while aligning with current values and trends.

The new vision — "We want to be there for the health of the Netherlands, our greatest wealth" — emphasizes their commitment to nationwide well-being. These changes, along with their new brand promise of contributing to a healthy and vital life, gave the rebrand a strong, and clear direction.

We crafted a compelling look and feel for De Online Drogist, aligning their visuals and messaging with the new brand identity established in the earlier phases. The introduction of the powerful pay-off, "Een advies voor elke vraag" (an advice for every question), perfectly grasped their commitment to exceptional customer service, making the brand instantly recognizable both online and offline.

What truly sets De Online Drogist apart is their unique customer service team, composed of educated and certified doctors. This specialized expertise ensures that customers receive high-quality, professional advice for all their health-related inquiries. By leveraging the knowledge of medical professionals, De Online Drogist offers a level of service that goes beyond typical online pharmacies, solidifying their position as a trusted source for both products and expert guidance.

The visual rebranding included a modernized logo and a redesigned website that addressed previous customer feedback we personally collected. The new, clean, and user-friendly design significantly improved user experience and was met with positive feedback, highlighting the success of the rebrand.

(Left photo: website before, right photo: website after rebrand)

Cases & KPI's

In the Cases for Business phase, we focused on exploring new revenue models and strategic routes to support De Online Drogist’s rebrand. This included three key initiatives: partner branding, innovative advertising sales methods, and refining sales strategies. We established partnerships with other brands, enhancing brand awareness and reaching new customer segments through co-branding and joint marketing initiatives. Ultimately, we set ambitious targets, such as doubling brand awareness and increasing customer loyalty, like shopping basket contents and traffic, through enhanced engagement strategies. 

The Result

With pride we rebranded De Online Drogist, and translated this rebrand to the website, emails and social media channels. And another very visible product of this process was De Online Drogist’s first out-of-home campaign—a true manifestation of their rebranded identity. Seeing our work displayed on the streets of Amsterdam was a thrilling moment, marking a significant milestone in De Online Drogist’s journey.

By leveraging our NOA IMPACT framework, we not only rebranded De Online Drogist but also positioned them for continued success in a competitive market.

With a new, vibrant brand identity, De Online Drogist is well-equipped to navigate the future, ensuring they remain a trusted and relevant choice for their customers for the next 15 years.

If you want to learn more about how our Brand Business Plan can make a significant impact, stay tuned to our socials. Where we will share exciting new collaborations, valuable information and insights.

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