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Brand Business Plan

NOA Collective creates with a team of specialists your Brand Business Plan, based on our 10-week 'NOA IMPACT framework'. Entrepreneurship, creativity, and new revenue models take center stage in this process.


Our framework outlines how we will develop the Brand Business Plan. We work in 2-week sprints to develop the defined components. In addition, we have a total of 6 joint sessions. This way, we really develop the plan together!

Check-out below our unique framework to create your Brand Business Plan! 

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Together we will delve into your brand's core, discovering your mission, vision, values, USPs, and other brand related terms to establish a solid identity that will guide your journey towards impact.


We're always on the lookout in the ever-changing market landscape, keenly observing trends, growth patterns, and shifts in the industry. For your brand, we delve deep, conducting extensive analysis and market research to ensure you're not just following the market - you're leading it. Alongside this, we rigorously examine your competitors, pinpointing opportunities and challenges. Our aim? To strategically position your brand for maximum impact, transforming your business into a resounding success. With our guidance, your brand doesn't just adapt; it sets the trend and stands out.

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We use what we have found to shape your brand in a way that your audience will love it. Our philosophy focuses on creating a product or service for your customers, not the other way around. We will give people something that will actually make their lives a bit better. 

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Now that we know the people who will buy your product or service, and understand their behaviors, needs, and preferences, we will dive into the fun part of (drum rolls) looks and feels. With the right look & tone you can attract even more people and keep a strong connection with the ones that already use your product or service in their daily lives.

Cases for Business

One of our favorite phases wich focuses on crafting comprehensive business cases for the brand. It involves developing strategies that not only promote growth but also provide clear direction for future endeavors. By meticulously analyzing potential opportunities and risks, this step aims to create a solid foundation for the brand’s long-term success and sustainability. It's about aligning the brand's goals with realistic, actionable plans that propel forward momentum in a competitive marketplace.

Tactics &
KPI Setting

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We don't just prepare your brand for the market; we aim for a huge impact. Depending on the insights of prior analysis, we will shape your brand, craft competitive pricing strategies, build go-to-market plans, and much more of these business-related words! We align each move with the KPIs that we jointly set, ensuring that every decision and action contributes to your success metrics and that you feel happy about it.

Every step of our NOA IMPACT framework is driven by doing good for the world, the people who live on it (like ourselves) and is there to help to grow your brand. It's not just a series of steps (or a word puzzle which has ‘impact’ as the solution). It's a journey towards success and making the world a little bit better. Results that we will guide and champion.

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