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NOA - Studio

At NOA, we are experts in driving brand growth and creating meaningful impact. 

Committed to redefining industry standards, our Studio crafts Brand Business Plans©️ provides a strategic framework tailored to amplify your brand's presence and impact. These plans encompass market analysis, branding strategies, and actionable steps for scaling your business effectively. 


We guide ambitious impact driven startups towards achieving their goals with our relentless entrepreneurial energy, ensuring that the impact of your organization enriches the world, empowers communities and elevates its own mission.

Our Brand Business Plan©️ delivers a strategic blueprint for growth, all at a transparent, fixed cost—no surprises, set-up. Crafted to elevate your brand’s impact and reach, this plan ensures you can boldly invest in your future with confidence.

Our Impact Collective


Get in contact so we can schedule a free 30-minute impact meet-up with our The Good Roll star Melle Schellekens.

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