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Our Work

We love working with brands that want to make a change. Hence, our portfolio shows a wide variety of collabs at every stage of their journey. We work together with upcoming brands but also with established names.

Let's stop the talking! It’s time to show you some of our favorite work.


De Online Drogist, the biggest online drug store within the Netherlands, had an interesting issue. Turnover isn't the problem, but how do we make a change from e-tailer to an attractive brand. NOA's expertise was asked to conduct an extensive research into the brand of De Online Drogist and its future prospects.


The outcome was a comprehensive strategy, along with a rebranding. This strategy would keep the largest online drug store in top shape for its current clientele and even more prepared for future needs. Our approach ensured that De Online Drogist would be seen as the go-to brand for future clients, solidifying its relevance in the market.

De Online Drogist.png


NOA has taken on the exciting challenge of rebranding a phenomenal vegan food company, known as Plant B. A new brand name was created, including a whole new brand identity and a compelling core message.


We've started with our famous Empathy Framework sessions, followed by a research to test the outcome of our internal sessions. The outcome of the research was the fundament for the creation of the new positioning and brand identity. 


NOA collaborated with Univé, a leading Dutch insurance brand, to establish an investment fund focused on providing financial investments for Dutch impact companies.

The project involved conceptualizing the foundation, developing a framework for the investments and designing the loan structures.


NOA also helped to find and select potential impact companies for these investments. The result was a powerful platform that helps impact entrepreneurs flourish and make their mark in the world.

HappySoaps SSB.webp


HappySoaps, the largest 100% plastic-free personal care brand in Europe, is on a mission to save 50 million plastic bottles annually. They are well on their way, currently saving 6 million plastic bottles.

Together with HappySoaps, we have set up their most recent crowd equity investment round and are working on fantastic brand campaigns. Because for everyone who doesn't yet know HappySoaps, that's about to change! Onwards to a plastic-free bathroom!


NOA excels not only in setting up a rock-solid brand strategy but also in implementing it. This is precisely what we do for Stichting Super Chill. We have completely repositioned this foundation and have been given the keys to run it in the coming years! The goal? To help 10 million children and their caregivers in the next few years by strengthening their mental resilience through playful yoga, meditation, and mindfulness exercises, and small daily rituals!

Super Chill.png
Club Hive.png


Welcome to Club Hive, your gateway to the largest online sports community in Europe! We're all about connecting people through the love of sports, creating a space where everyone can play and enjoy together.

Club Hive was born from the innovative spirit of NOA Collective, from the first idea to the final brand including a well thought through business plan, we’ve poured our dedication and expertise into every step. 

Club Hive - Play the sport.

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